Monday, May 22, 2017

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A post in Facebook is going viral after these two maids left the kids to escape!

In this Facebook post that’s going viral, Myrias Arch shared how her two maids plotted and left her kids, a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old, without anyone looking after them.
The two in question are Christina Bordeos, 30, and Jovelyn De La Cruz, 18. Both hailing for Patnanungan Quezon, they just started working for the family asked for quite a lot of “advance.”

After that, the two of them systematically left the house. Thankfully, there are CCTVs in the house so everything they did was recorded.
Apparently, Christina was allowed to go back to Bicol to fix a family matter. It was decided that she will leave at 5 PM but what time did this woman leave? 8 AM! That’s not all! Even if she had just been working in the household for about a month, she left the house with more than she came with.
Here’s Christina leaving (take note of the timestamp)

After just 10 minutes, Jovelyn followed suit and left the house, leaving the gate open, and leaving the kids without any food or water.

The mother said that when they came home, the big sister was trying to feed her sister with the milk she could find while she’s shivering in hunger.
Apart from all this, their CCTV revealed a lot more! The two maids stepped on chairs, the two of them just spent all day texting, and even letting the 2-year-old lay down on the floor.

That’s not all! Christina told them that she had 5 kids that she’s raising alone but it turned out that she has 8 from different fathers. Apart from all that, she apparently uses the alias, “Alma”
Mrs. Myrias said that she just hopes that this won’t happen to other families and that she is thankful that her kids were safe at the very least.

Source: Facebook
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