Sunday, April 2, 2017

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These Facebook photos of street kids went viral!Truly Heartbreaking!

Poverty is evidently a worldwide phenomenon. It is not only seen in our country but also in some other countries across the globe. Even in seemingly developing countries, such as Malaysia, there are also faces of impoverishment.

Hamiatie Abd Hamid chanced upon two kids, seemingly siblings, along the streets of Tawau, Sabah in Malaysia.

According to Hamiatie, she spotted two kids sitting on the sidewalks. One of the kids was a teenage boy and along with him is a baby, probably only a few months old, dressed up in a one piece baby clothing.

She noticed that the baby was crying uncontrollably so she decided to observe further what the older kid would do. She was shocked to see that instead of begging for food, or even worse, stealing, the older brother offered the baby his thumb to suck on since the child was obviously famished.

After seeing this, Hamiatie decided to alight her vehicle and approach the boy. She asked them where their parents are since she was concerned that these two kids are being left unsupervised.

The boy said that their parents are gone. Their father has been arrested by the police while they don’t know the whereabouts of their mother.

The child added that they had no food or shelter to stay in which explains why they are living on the streets instead.

Hamiatie decided to buy food for the both of them as well as share their story on social media which quickly became viral.

Hamiatie said "Usually, these street kids would run round asking people for money, but this boy did not bother anyone at all.”

Here are the two orphans she saw:

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Source: KAMI
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