Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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This Woman Was Shocked After Finding Out That Her Kidney Was Gone and She Didn't Know Anything About It!

House helpers continue to experience abuse and neglect around the world, but this case is unique.

Sri Rabitah worked as a maid for a Palestinian family way back in 2004. According to her, she was sent by her family to get a check up.

As she was undergoing the rounds in the hospital she was put under with anesthesia which confused her since it is not common to be administered an anesthetic during a regular medical check up.

She felt dizzy and was told by the doctors to take a rest. A few moments later, she lost consciousness.

When Rabitah woke up there were already stitches in her stomach and there was no explanation given as to why she was operated on.

Fast forward to 2017, since that day Rabitah had been complaining of back pain. Her mother insisted that she undergo a check up.

And what she learned from the doctors came as a big shock to her.

Apparently, the cause of her back pain is the absence of one of her kidneys.
She was appalled by the news and is planning to sue the Palestinian family.

Authorities think that Rabitah is a victim of illegal organ harvesting and trafficking.

Source: Kickerdaily
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