Friday, March 10, 2017

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This Woman Has Been Vomitting for 10 Days, And When The Doctors Opened Her Stomach, This is What They Saw!

A 43-year-old woman worried her family after suffering from abdominal pains and vomitting for 10 days. She was then rushed to the hospital and the doctors immediately looked for the reason as to what was causing the pain.

But when they examined her, they were dumbfounded by what they saw in her stomach! The x-ray showed a bunch of metals inside her stomach and they had to perform an immediate operation.

When they opened her up, they found nails, metal chain, spoons, pens, woods and other nasty stuff. The woman was then diagnosed as a 'metalbezoar', a bizarre condition associated with psychiatric problems, in which patients ingest foreign objects, particularly metals.

The doctors successfully removed them all, but the woman had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and therapy to avoid such incidents again. According to her records, this is not the first time that she was rushed to the hospital for the same case.

Netizens can't believe that such conditions can be actually true. Most of them noted how unbelievable it is to swallow these objects.

Source: Wereblog
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