Saturday, March 11, 2017

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SHOCKING: Couple Locked Themselves in a McDonald’s Restroom As Manager Freaked Out and Threatened to Call 911

Look, there’s nothing wrong with having a robust sex life as long as you don’t hurt or cause inconvenience to anybody. If you’re out and want to get nasty, go to a motel and get a room. Simple as that. Don’t lock yourself up in a bathroom and cause a commotion in a public place, like what this inconsiderate couple did when they used the restroom of a McDonald’s restroom for a quickie. That’s just wrong.

The video shows the store manager yelling outside the door and telling the couple to get the hell out of the restroom. Well, she was within her rights to do it, no question about it. What’s even more amazing is that the couple actually took their own sweet time inside and when they got out, the guy wasn’t even wearing his shirt and shoes. Damn. Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Source: Infoinquirer
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