Friday, March 10, 2017

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BE WARNED: Child Kidnappers Could Be Standing Beside You or Your Children! Watch to Find Out!

Kidnapping is cruel but what’s more evil is when these criminals take their namesake to the literal level by actually kidnapping children.

In a third-world country such as the Philippines, these kinds of crimes happen on a regular basis.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has reported that, in 2015, the number of reported crimes have risen by 46% in the first five months as compared to the same period in 2014.

Meanwhile, the same trend was observed in 2014. By the end of the first five months of that year, crime-related incidents have risen by 18% compared to the numbers in 2013.

Kidnapping is quite common. Daily Mail reported about a 6-year-old British girl who got kidnapped at gunpoint by Muslim extremists.

Her name was April Grant and she was reportedly snatched from her house in Lamitan town on Basilan Island, about 550 miles south of Manila.

Sergeant Bong Ragasa of the Philippine Armed Forces said: “The girl was taken from her residence by four unidentified men who entered the premises. They left, taking the girl with them, in two motorized boats.”

Another case of kidnapping was uploaded by Facebook fan page ‘Trending in Pinas.’ The 1-minute-14-second-long video had the caption: “Beware of child kidnappers. They may be standing beside you”

The following are the various reactions from netizens:

Joy van Veen: “Mga hayup!!!!!!! Sarap nyong ibigay sa mga ISIS mga hayup kayo!! Bilang isang ina di ko maimagine na mangyari sa akin yan. Ipaglalaban ko din tlga hanggang kamatayan makuha ko lang anak ko.”

She continued: “Praying na ok yung nanay at na save yung bata. Maging maingat po tayo lalo. Mahirap na tlgang magtiwala sa panahon ngayon.”

Rose Teves-Olaes Cenon: “Bakit kc ang tagal nakipag-usap ng mother dun sa guy! Hindi nman nya kilala yata yun... naku mga mommy and guardians ‘don't talk to strangers’ .... if my tinatanung sayo give the direct answer then walk out na!”

Ellen Joie Pogenio: “ Uhmn ganito po kasi yan. Nung i-replay yung cctv edi na screen na po sya or monitor or tv . Saka po vinideohan ng cellphone kaya po nag mu-move yung capture nung video..”

She continued: “Nung una din akala ko nasa bintana or something yung nagvivideo eh nung huli na nakita ko yung isang sulok nung monitor.. Grabeh na talaga panahong nagayon.”

Watch the shocking incident here!
Source: Facebook
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