Sunday, March 12, 2017

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A Father Who Is Just Staring At His Daughters While Eating In A Fast Food Chain Goes Viral! Find Out The Story Behind This!

Parent are there to support their children and love them unconditionally no matter what happens. At any given circumstance, parents are expected to do everything they can for the most precious gift God has given them.

A picture posted by Facebook user Jhunnel Sarajan went extremely viral after it captured the hearts of many netizens as it featured a small family having their lunch at a famous fast food chain. It may be a simple photograph for some but for the netizens, the picture resonated with unconditional love.

Sarajan expressed on his Facebook post how the scene touched his heart. The photo suggests that the father is already satisfied watching his children eat. The netizen then described the picture as “a photograph of a father’s love”. He also said that it is “a depiction of genuine selflessness”.

Sarajan’s post went extremely viral with more than 40,000 Facebook reactions and more than 20,500 shares hours after it went online.

The post even reached Facebook personality Loyd Cafe Cadena. He re-blogged the photo on his own Facebook page. Moments after it was featured on his site, a certain Judy Ann Aniban messaged him more details about the man on the photo.

She identified herself as the father’s cousin. According to her, the man suffered from a mild stroke and his wife decided to left him. However, his children chose to stay with him. She bragged that his cousin is really kind.

Aside from being a wonderful father, he also showed that he is ready to do everything for his family.
Source: Infoinquirer
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