Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Worst Valentines Ever! Couple Caught Making Love by Police in a SUV – Watch Here!

The following video contains graphic images unsuitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.

It’s Valentine’s Day and the season of love is in full swing.

Relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, need time and commitment for it to work. Yet an important detail in any relationship that most people tend forget is money.

It helps to have your own money to shoulder expenses like gifts, dates – or the occasional trip to a hotel.

Some couples are either too cheap or too impatient for such things. Like immature teenagers, some of them decide to hook up at the back of a car.

It’s the least romantic Valentine’s date ever

For this couple, their ‘romantic’ rendezvous inside an SUV was cut short when the police caught them in the act.

In a viral video shared by Facebook pages Tulfo Trending News and KUYA Erwin Tol, this couple was seized by policemen at the back of a black SUV.

The short video features a lady pulling up her leggings to hide her naked hips from being exposed any further. Meanwhile the man was caught literally with his pants down.

He was also pulling up his trousers.

Unlike his female companion who avoided showing anything too graphic, the man’s bare rear was exposed for all to see.

The two were getting dressed as policemen surrounded the car.

To be fair it is Valentine’s Day, so surely all the hotels must be booked. Talk about embarrassing.

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