Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Woman Got Pregnant, You'll Be Surprised To Know Who The Father Is

This woman, who hid her identity, posted on an FB page asking for help after she got pregnant.

On Pesosense's FB page, a post caught the attention of many netizens it’s about a woman who got impregnated by her second cousin. She admitted to their long hidden romantic relationship. She also revealed that her cousin is ready to be a responsible father to their child.

Now this might sound scandalous to a lot of conservative Filipino readers, but that's not all.  The girl is already married to another man. That means not only is she incestuous, she's also an adulterer.

This might seem like a double whammy, but hopefully she'll come to her senses and let the baby live and face the consequences of her mistakes.

Source: Kami
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