Friday, February 17, 2017

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WATCH! Father Who Got Laid Off From Work Walks Home to His Family for Six Days! Unbelievable!

What would you do if you suddenly got laid off from your job? Or if you’re the breadwinner of the family and all of them depend on you to provide them their daily and miscellaneous needs?

Unemployment still remains one of the biggest problems that the county is facing right now, despite the onslaught of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) permeating our society. People are still living below the poverty line and there are still thousands of families that are desperate for any chance of respite.

The case of Mang Virgilio Culibao is not so different. In a report by ABS-CBN News, Culibao got laid off from work as a construction worker in Valenzuela. He didn’t know the reason and the company provided him with none.

This left him jobless and as a result, Culibao decided to go home to his family in the province instead. He said that he endured walking for a distance of 280 kilometers just to reach the province of Isabela.

Culibao didn’t have any money with him so he was forced to walk home with only a wooden “kariton.”

“Benta na lang ‘tong kariton, ‘yung ang isip nila,” he stated when he was interviewed. “Eh wala pong bibili kung ‘di ko magamit ‘yun, kakalasin ko na lang… pang-ano naming sa bahay. Andito ang pamilya ko eh, sa Isabela eh.”

Culibao also narrated that he had a hard time because he was nearly caught in an accident by a motorist. He also had difficulty pushing the “kariton” up when he was traversing the mountains.

In order to eat and feed himself, he has to pick up trash in the nearby roads and sidestreets and sell them to people. When Culibao reached Nueva Ecija, he was helped by a group of motorcycle riders.

Larry Fariñas, who was one of the riders, had a friend with him who saw Culibao’s state and brought him to Karinglan so that the old man could eat. The friend also posted Culibao’s situation on Facebook, where other people might be alerted about Culibao.

Watch how Culibao got home to his family!

Source:  ABS-CBN
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