Saturday, February 4, 2017

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This Pervert Asked For Nude Photos But Didn't Expect it To Turn Out Like This!

Stories of harassment has been steady gaining attention from netizens these days. Some of these stories end up badly with either the victim getting blamed for it or the aggressor getting away with it. Some end quite unexpectedly like the girl who furiously punched a pervert in the face or the girl who immediately filed a complaint in the police station. However, these stories are becoming endless as another one went viral across social media.

This time, the harassment happened in a social media platform and was done through chat messaging. A man, whose identity is concealed, messaged another person asking for a nude photo. He also offered money if the person can give him a peek of her breasts.

The other person agreed immediately and sent him a photo of her cleavage. But the man wanted more, so he asked her to give him a topless photo. The other person kept on disagreeing, but the man was quite persistent. In the end, the other person sent him a photo and the story turned into something really funny!

It was totally unexpected and as a result, the man immediately blocked the other person on messenger! Over 16 thousand netizens reacted to the post and over 4 thousand shared the story.

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Source: Facebook
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