Saturday, February 25, 2017

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This Mother Stabbed Her Own Baby 90 Times Because He Bit Her While Breastfeeding!

Stories about child abuse committed by parents are prevalent on social media. These unexpected and sad stories easily trend online because of the emotional impact they give their readers.

However, they are also clear signs that wrong parenthood is becoming a serious problem that society has to address.

One of the victims of this case was this baby in China who was stabbed by his own mother just because he bit her while breastfeeding him.

On July 6, 2013, 8-month-old Xiao Bao was found by his uncle in their backyard in China, swimming in his own blood while his mother was nowhere to be found. His uncle found that Xiao was stabbed 90 times with a pair of scissors and his own mother was the suspect.

According to and, his mother was breastfeeding Xiao when he bit his mom. This made the mother angry, leading her to stab Xiao repeatedly.

Xiao's uncle rushed him to the nearest hospital. He was fortunate that doctors were able to save him. He received 120 stitches all over his face, hands, and legs.

The baby's doctors claimed that he will not develop scars as his skin is still too young. However, they also assure that it will be possible for him to develop psychological scars from the horrific assault.

Because of the ordeal, the child's neighbors asked the authorities to keep the child away from his mother. Unfortunately, officials refused to do this because they found out that the mother is not mentally ill. She has the capability to comprehend child care and so she still has the right to keep her child. Thankfully, they decided to let the child live with his uncle in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province in Eastern China.

The sources cited above both claimed that the child survived the tragic incident and has grown into a healthy boy in the province. He still lives with his uncle and sells garbage to earn a living.

Source: Lifebuzz
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