Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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This Man Forced His Wife to Walk N@ked in the Streets After He Caught Her S3xting Seven Men!

According to a video released by YouTube account TomoNews US, she was seen by her husband sending s3xually explicit messages to seven other men that’s right, seven!

He found out about the betrayal and punished her in the cruelest way possible. He forced her to walk along the streets of New York a busy, bustling city in nothing but her towel and a pair of boots.

He caught the whole thing on video and followed his wife as he demeaned her by saying things like “tart.”

He also made her remove her towel completely and said that she would have to “pay the price for the shame” that he felt after telling her that she was pretty and how we wanted to start a family with her only to find out she was cheating on him with seven other men.

His wife retorted back, “But not to have s3x with them!” she said, making the husband angry. As expected, many netizens slammed the woman for what she did and some even said that she deserved worse.

Watch the whole incident here!

Source: Tomonews
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