Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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This Lady Says That She Is Short Changed, But See What Happens When She Saw A Hidden Camera

Here in the Philippines, magicians are not only seen on stage, but also in public places, like a public market.

The lady featured in a video has mastered a magic trick that is evidently useful in everyday life: the disappearing money trick.

Yet with the use of technology and a handy hidden camera device, not even the trickiest sleight of hand can go unnoticed

In this video, a lady can be seen buying cocoa powder from a stall in a public market. After getting the powder, she paid 500 pesos.

To be sure that he will give her the exact change, the male vendor took time to count the money in the woman's hands. However, after receiving her change, the lady complained that she was short changed. Peculiar, isn't it?

The male vendor, sure that he gave the exact amount, tried to reason with the lady. The lady then showed him the contents of her plastic bag and even told the vendor to look around to prove that she received nothing more.

When the man decided to look at his stall's hidden camera footage, the lady realized that everything was caught on cam. It was at this moment that the lady magically 'found' the missing one hundred peso.

An untrained eye might see it as a mere accident or coincidence. However, once you focus on the video you will eventually see through the act and realize how she intentionally wanted to take advantage of the male vendor.

We usually encounter cases, where the seller is the one who tries to fool a customer, but in this case, clearly the customer is not right.

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