Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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This Couple Was Caught On-Cam While M@king Love On A Moving Motorcycle!

Motorcycle riding is often seen as a dangerous activity but this couple just took it to a higher level!

This bizarre couple turned the social media world upside down when their motorcycling video went immediately viral online. At first, it seemed to be just an ordinary footage but their special motorcycle trick made the netizens go mad.

This video captured by a mobile phone in Encarnacion, South-Eastern Paraguay featured a couple who seemed to be doing their intimate acts while riding a moving motorcycle. It can be seen that the semi-naked girl was resting her back on the petrol tank of the motorcycle while her legs clung around the guy's body. It is also noticeable that her mini-skirt was slightly hitched up. On the other hand, the guy was shirtless while driving the motorcycle.

The video which was reported by have been recorded in Santa Maria, Encarnacion alarmed the police authorities who immediately conducted an investigation. It has also gained the attention of the netizens who have argued whether there really is sexual intercourse happening while they were riding the moving vehicle. It also sparked outrage from the social media community as their dangerous motorcycle trick has the potential to cause harm to other road users.  However, these claims are still debatable as there is no other evidence that will prove whether the video captured was just merely a road trick or an actual intimate act.

Meanwhile, the local police officials will impose a fine of around three million PYG ($453) to the couple involved if they are identified and tracked down. They are also facing possibility to be imprisoned. In addition, they may also face additional charges and fine once proven that they are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

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Source: Youtube
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