Saturday, February 11, 2017

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These 2 Women Who Are Alleged Members of a Child Kidnapping Syndicate Were Finally Arrested!

Two women were arrested for allegedly attempting to kidnap four children in two different instances in Mandaluyong and Paranaque City.

ABS-CBN reports that Marlyn Smith and Filomena Pattung now face charges of attempted kidnapping and child abuse after they were arrested in two separate incidents.

Smith was thrown in jail after she tried to abduct Shane Osorio's 7-year old son. According to Osorio, she and her son were inside a church in Paranaque City when Smith approached them and tried to grab her child. Osorio's son immediately resist from the suspect and asked for the help of a security guard standing near them.

According to Osorio, the suspect denied the accusations and claimed that she was just asking the child to move from his place. However, her son is certain of what happened.

"Sinungaling ka. Sabi niya. 'Di naman kita hinawakan. Sabi ng anak ko; 'Hinawakan mo 'ko. 'Di naman ako magsisinungaling. Hinawakan mo ako na parang gusto mo ako hilain'" Osorio recalled.

Osorio also shared that when they arrived at the precinct, Smith started to act oddly. She allegedly pretended to be insane.

"Hinawakan ko lang eh. Pinausod ko lang. Pinagbintangan ako kukunin ko 'yung anak niya eh nagsasalita anak niya no," Smith stated.

The Paranaque police immediately took in-charge of the situation. Smith underwent neurological exams and the officials found out that she is properly sane. Because of this, the authorities immediately filed charges of attempted kidnapping and child abuse against her.

Meanwhile, Pattung was also arrested for a similar case. She was about to kidnap 3 children in front of a public school when concerned citizens caught her in the act. Pattung acquired several facial injuries after she was hurt by the concerned citizens.

According to Xianzy Soriano, one of the attempted victim's uncles, he witnessed Pattung grab a child's arm while claiming she was the child's mother. The people around them took immediate action and called for the Mandaluyong police to respond.

When Pattung was brought in the precinct, she also pretended to be insane, just like Smith. Her body is also covered in bruises and red marks, indicating that she hurts herself. The suspect also denied the allegations.

"Hindi ko kinidnap 'yung bata," Pattung claimed.

Pattung also underwent several neurological exams and the results found that she has no mental problem. Due to the finding, the Manadaluyong police were able to file charges of attempted kidnapping and child abuse against her.

Although the incidents happened at separate locations, the Women and Children's Protection Desk are looking at the angle that these reports are connected with each other. They are investigating the possibility that Smith and Pattung are members of a kidnapping syndicate.

Authorities are asking the public to be vigilant and take extra measures for the safety of their children.

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Source: TVPatrol
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