Friday, February 3, 2017

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Sinio Revealed Something About Shehyee's Model Girlfriend 'Ann Mateo' On His FlipTop Battle.

The FlipTop Battle League has become the first and largest professional rap battle conference in the Philippines. FlipTop rap battles gained recognition quickly after its several videos went viral on YouTube.

Millions of Filipinos flock to YouTube just to watch these two men test each other's might with rap rhythms and clever lines in an impressive tongue-twisting manner. They also test each other's tolerance for insults.

Recently, a video of these two men, Sinio and Shehyee, one of the most popular FlipTop emcees in FlipTop battle has been circulating in social media. Netizens were intrigued on how they insulted each other while rapping.

Sinio talks about the current girlfriend of Shehyee, Ann B. Mateo, who is a model.

At first, Shehyee talks about Sinio's wife how ugly and fat she is.  However, Sinio did not back down but instead hit back really hard with the most humbling insults against Shehyee. Sinio spitfire on Anne Mateo really hard and Shehyee was owned that night.

 Watch the video below...

Source: Youtube
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