Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Neighbors drags woman accused of killing toddler from prison cell then throws her on a BONFIRE.

A video of a group of men beating up a woman has been making the rounds on social media recently.

In the rough one-minute clip, spectators look on as a group of men take turns in hurting an unidentified woman near a burning car.

The bloodied woman repeatedly tried to get up but immediately gets hit by one of the men. She was even thrown several times into the makeshift bonfire in an attempt to burn her alive.

Near the end of the video, she managed to get up and run away as other men chased after her.

Uniformed officials, presumed to be the police, were present in the area but failed to step in to stop the mob.

According to a post, the people lynched her for allegedly killing her own son and putting his dead body inside a washing machine.

However, upon investigation of the pictures and the video above, Trending News Portal found that they came from separate sources.

The body of a kid in a washing machine was traced back to a news story that happened in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo in Sau Paulo, Brazil dated February 22, 2017.

According to, the body belongs to a 2-year old boy named Jaimerson Cardos Dias Junior. He got inside the washing machine while his great-grandmother, who was doing the laundry at the time, was looking away. He died of drowning.

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The picture of the boy sitting on concrete, on the other hand, was traced back to a missing child announcement on February 19, 2017, also in Brazil. People believe the boy had been kidnapped.

Finally, the source of the lynching video was found to be from a story that was published on February 10, 2017.

According to, the woman, a suspected arsonist, was already in jail when a lynch mob of about 500 stormed the prison.

They pulled her out of her cell and tried to burn her alive as revenge for her alleged crimes.

Good thing we learned two things from this certified hoax story: one, think before you click, and two, Brazil is one messed up the country.

Source: Mirror
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