Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Mother Seeks Justice on Her Daughters Who Molests by Her Ex-Husband!

Cases of s3xual assault abound the news, but you know you're into sicker territories once you learn that the victims are underage and have been molested none other than their own father. You're left wondering what's with the psyche of the father-- or the suspect-- for him to commit such a deplorable crime. But it's exactly what occurred in Grace's case.

According to a report by TV Patrol, Grace's (not her real name) two daughters were molested and s3xually assaulted by her ex-husband who she'd been separated from for seven years.

Her daughters were only fourteen and ten-years-old. She claimed that she trusted her husband enough to fetch the girls from school and bring them to their house every day, but didn't know that he was already taking advantage of them.

Grace also found out that her elder daughter was only eight-years-old when the ex-husband started molesting the child. When the girl turned thirteen, the assaults escalated. "Ta's pinaamin ko po 'yung anak kong panganay, grabe po 'yung iyak ng panganay ko," Grace recalled.

The younger daughter was also eight-years-old when the ex-husband started molesting her. "Wala siyang kuwentang ama!" Grace said in an interview. "Sariling dugo at laman niya 'yon, hindi niya man lang inisip." She was able to report the case immediately to the police, who were able to arrest her ex-husband.

"Galit na galit ako sa'yo!" Grace exclaimed when she saw her ex-husband brought into the jail. "Ano, nagsinungaling ka pa? Mismo sa bibig ng anak mo, sinabi niya 'yon sa'kin?!" she cried. However, he vehemently denied the complaint.

"Inosente po ako, anak ko po 'yon!" he cried as he was interviewed. "Ba't ko 'yon gagawin?!" Further investigation by the authorities revealed that the suspect was already jailed for drugs and even had his daughters take illegal substances before he s3xually assaulted them.

In fact, the suspect already surrendered himself two times during an 'Oplan Tokhang' in their area. A reporter asked him, "Pinagda-drugs mo rin daw 'yung anak mo?"

"Hindi po, hindi totoo 'yan!" he shouted. According to the suspect, he tried to prevent his ex-wife from filing a case against him three times but to no success. Grace, meanwhile, decided to bring him to court.

See the whole report below!
Source: TVPatrol
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