Sunday, February 5, 2017

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Mother Beats her 4-Year- Old Child to Death For Not Brushing Her Teeth

Mothers are always known for pushing their children to brush their teeth before going to sleep. Lack of oral hygiene could lead to numerous dental problems like cavities and weak teeth.

A 20-year-old mother in Maryland, USA, just like any mother, is also conscious about her daughter’s oral health. Unfortunately, a night of just reminding her daughter to brush her teeth went dark.

Iris Hernandez-Rivas reportedly kicked her four-year-old daughter Nohely’s stomach because she did not brush her teeth last January 26. Around 12:30 P.M., she dialed 911 after her daughter fell unresponsive at their apartment.

Rescuers arrived at the location finding the girl lying in the bathtub. Hernandez-Rivas quickly confessed that she kicked her daughter’s stomach for such petty reason.

In a police affidavit filed in Montgomery County District Court, she furthermore explained that she got angry at Nohely because she refused to brush her teeth. Because of that, she kicked her on the stomach which caused her to fall backward and hit her head against the wall.

Her daughter was rushed to Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center in Rockville. Doctors in the hospital discovered multiple bruises on her body. Hospital reports that Nohely suffered from a small liver contusion and had patterned injuries as a result of blunt force trauma with an object.

Police authorities also found reddish bruising on Nohely. When asked about this, Hernandez-Rivas said that she hit her daughter with a belt several days before.

Unfortunately, she did not recover from the injuries she obtained from the accident and passed away at such young age.

Her mother was charged with first-degree assault for the incident which led to her daughter’s untimely death. Later on, she was found guilty of first-degree child abuse.

She could face deportation because of this. Currently, federal immigration agents have put her in a detainer at Montgomery County Jail.

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