Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Miss Thailand's Story Will Make You Admire Her More Than You Probably Do Now! Must Read!

It is fascinating to see a woman whose beauty goes beyond her physical appearance and radiates deep within her.

There is no question why Miss Thailand Chalita "Namtam" Suansane was able to capture our hearts after representing her country at the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

After garnering 100 million votes on the Miss Universe online poll, The Thai beauty became a crowd favorite. She also made it to the top 6 of the pageant.

However, how well do we really know Miss Thailand aside from her being a stunner on the pageant's coronation day?

Chalita is an epitome of "brains and beauty". At the age of 21, this brave and beautiful woman is already an accomplished microbiology student.

She also volunteers at ‘Baan Home Hug’, an orphanage for children who have inherited HIV, have been abused and have lost their families.

She aims to inspire young women towards "fulfilling your own passions, having self-respect, and being compassionate to others will make you confidently beautiful in your own way."

And although this is already inspiring enough as it is, these were all revealed during the pageant. But what not everybody knows about Chalita is that at the age of 4, this amazing woman was already inspirational as she helps out her mother in earning money.

"Holding the heart of your country to a competition with 85 lovely ladies around the universe is a tough battle. To be confidently beautiful and make my country proud is my goal to hopefully be crowned as Miss Universe," she shared on her Facebook page on January 29.

Although Miss Thailand was not able to advance to the final three and did not become the Miss Universe 2016, she also had succeeded as she showed us what beauty truly means and had surely made her country proud!

Source: Facebook
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