Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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'I married my stepfather... And now we live with my mum and our children'

Filipinos are known for being closely knitted to our families, yet this family seems to be too close.

Facebook user Liza is married to her stepfather, Graeme, and she is living under the same roof with her mother, Christina, and their children.

Asked why she married her stepfather, Liza admitted that ever since she was a child, she already had romantic feelings for Graeme. It only bloomed when her mom Christina broke up with him. After the breakup, she immediately admitted to her stepfather her feelings.

At first, her stepfather thought it was a crazy idea and didn't want to be involved with her, but after some time, Graeme agreed to be married to Liza.

If you're thinking that Liza's mother might be freaked out by all this, you are terribly wrong. Christina actually helped out with the preparations for the wedding.

She remarried again and these two couples are all under the same roof and sharing everything.

Aside from the very dysfunctional situation that they are in, they think that their setup is actually the ideal setup.

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Source: Kami
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