Monday, February 27, 2017

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Horrible Images Of Alleged 'Organ Farm' In Malaysia-Thailand! SHOCKING!

People of social media were left in shock after horrible photos of an alleged "organ farm" in Malaysia-Thailand border surfaced online.

The disturbing images feature numerous children lying on the floor. Facebook user Goh Soo Heng claimed that these were 700 bodies found with their organs emptied out.

Children were seen lined up like livestock, some with tape around their body and others tied and packed into cardboard boxes.

Suspicions led to organ farming syndicates that kidnap children and harvest their organs to sell on the black market.

However, The Coverage failed to confirm the claims as well as the origins of these images. Nevertheless, this should be a reminder for everyone to be mindful of their children and keep them far from harm.

Source: thecoverage
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