Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Dad Has No Idea Why His Baby Is Crying So Loud But When He Took Off Her Socks, This Is What He Discovered!

A baby that cries constantly is something all parents should be wary of. Because a baby is helpless without its parents, crying is the only way it has of communicating.

It’s frightening to think that there may be something wrong with your little one, especially for new parents. There always a greater chance that the discomfort an infant is feeling is gas, hunger, fatigue or a combination of the three. More experienced parents learn to pick up certain quirks their child has and work around it.

Some babies like to be cradled; others like to be sung to.

It’s these parents who usually develop a ‘sixth sense’ when it comes to their baby’s health – and know when something is off.

That is why many parents will share their tidbits of advice with friends, family and even strangers online who are becoming parents themselves.
This article is for you parents with infants.
Scott and Jessica Walker tried everything they could to help with their infant daughter’s inconsolable crying. They tried the usual techniques to calm her down: rocking her side-to-side, swinging to-and-fro and even soaked the baby in cool water because they thought she was too hot.

When they took off her socks, that’s when they finally understood why their little one was in so much pain. It was a tiny detail that would’ve been potentially overlooked by anyone who wasn’t paying attention to their child. A strand of hair had managed to catch on one of her toes. The hair was wrapped so tightly that it had sliced through her skin.

Jessica was a nurse who acted quickly when she saw the wrapped toe. She took a pair of tweezers and carefully removed the hair cutting through her daughter’s flesh.

This hair problem is called a “hair tourniquet” and is a fairly common with infants. A baby has tiny and gentle extremities so it’s easy for a hair to accidentally wrap itself around them. As a baby moves about the hair tightens around the baby, cutting off circulation. These incidents can also occur while a baby sleeps, as loose thread can constrict parts of their body. The same idea happens when they wear socks.

Like any concerned parent, Scott and Jessica wished to share their story online as a reminder to all parents to look closely into the details. You can never know what is hurting your baby unless you take the proper steps in figuring out what it is.

Source: DailyDigest
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