Monday, February 20, 2017

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Customer in China Chops off Head of Restaurant Owner For Overpriced Noodles!

Customers are always right', the popular saying goes. However, people in the retail service sector often encounter absurd, rude or just plain crazy type of people.

This restaurant owner might have just met the worst of them all.

On February 18, a horrid incident took place in China after one customer chopped off the head of a restaurant owner for allegedly 'overpricing' the noodles he serves. According to SCMP's report, the gruesome scene transpired in Hubei Province, China in a restaurant in Wuhan.

The unnamed 22-year-old suspect discovered the alleged overpricing of the noodles by 1 Yuan or almost eight Philippine pesos after receiving the bill for his three bowls of noodles.

Infuriated, the man confronted the 42-year-old owner. However, the owner dismissed him with the statement, "Don’t eat [the noodles] if you can’t afford them!"

Probably insulted by the statement, the argument escalated quickly and turned violent. With the use of a kitchen knife, the suspect incessantly stabbed the man's neck until he chopped off his head. The scene was bloody and gory, according to witnesses.

The owner's disturbing scream of sheer terror could be heard in the video circulating on social media. To top off his horrendous crime, the suspect even threw the chopped off head in a trash bin nearby, leaving the body on the crime scene.

The suspect was still present at the scene when the police authorities arrived. He was literally caught with blood on his hands. The authorities brought him in for investigation while his victim's severed head was retrieved by the authorities.

Many netizens speculated that the 22-year-old man may have been on drugs or is mentally impaired. However, the authorities are yet to release an assessment with regards to the suspect's mental state.

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