Monday, February 13, 2017

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CHECK IT OUT: People Found Something Unbelievable When They Watched ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ in This Cinema! Shocking!

When one of the supposedly steamiest trailers were released in cinemas back in December 2016, people were ecstatiC. It was the sequel to the romantic-erotica film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and it featured a series of hot clips and sequences from the R-18 film.

Fast forward to February 8 of this year and people were clamoring to get inside the theater to watch the sequel which was reportedly untouched by the MTRCB.

There are some audiences, however, who seem to have been triggered by the film — triggered to do the unthinkable.

Case in point: Facebook user Brittany Lee Flaherty posted an unusual photo of two long cucumbers lying on the floor when she went inside the cinemas to watch the highly-anticipated film.

She even had the caption, “People actually left these in a cinema after watching “fifty shades darker”…Own up bitches, who’s the culprits” with a laughing-in-tears emoji.

Many netizens commented on the picture, as expected, and some even tagged their friends. One user, Jayda Beau, said, “ Charli Mcewan they found us” with a laughing-in-tears emoji.
Ezequiel Bari commented and tagged his friends who are a couple: “ Darinka was that you and Ñina?” Another user, Nicola Louise Thorpe, commented, “ Shelley Dionne wow could have cleaned your mess up girls.”

Many netizens commented with a laughing-with-tears emoji, an indication that they found the picture hilarious as it suggests that something happened inside the cinema, particularly among the audience who were seated in those designated seats.

SOURCE: SocialTrendsPH
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