Friday, February 24, 2017

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Cheating Bride Caught by Best Man!

Cheating exists in many forms from the trivial to the irreparable. From the mundane act of copying off of your classmates to the diabolical grandeur of embezzling a country's money; it’s all cheating.

Yet the most popular, if not most controversial form, involves cheating lovers. Yes, Filipinos crave these stories and often get them to go viral.

Well, this one will surely interest you hopefuls: a best man did his job even after his best friend's wedding. He did what a true friend should do: help their best friend; the groom, at all costs.

You see, the groom and his best friend had the inkling suspicion that his wife was cheating. Best man to the rescue: he followed his friend's wife to a bar and not so long after, he saw her sitting with someone else.

He immediately took footage, see it for yourself here:

Thanks to technology, exposing cheating partners can be as simple as breathing.

Source: Youtube
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