Friday, February 24, 2017

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Ascandalous photo of a college prof that banging his student

They said collage was the most difficult stage in the study of a student, A Professor-student relationship are nothing new. But the student-teacher relationship can change dramatically in collage. This can be good, but also can lead to some ethical confusion when romance enters the picture.

One university professor is in the hot water after accidentally Snap chatting his intimate moment with one of his female students while still in the empty classroom

According to the writer of the story her little sister is a Sophomore in college. 2 weekends ago one of her professors stopped showing up for class. After 3 days the rumors were he was on leave for inappropriate behavior. It's a small school and it wasn’t long until everyone found out he filmed himself having s*x in his classroom. It also turned out the girl in the video was one of his students. Turns out he has a wife, and wanted to brag about still being cool enough to bang a college chick!

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