Sunday, February 26, 2017

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7 Food Lies That You Will Never Get Over. #7 is so Harsh!

Food is one of the most comforting things on the planet. Nothing can pick your day up like your favorite meal, nothing can start a good day or end a bad one quite like your favorite soup or burger. It plays a vital role in our lives, not just on a nutritional basis, but on an emotional level as well.

That's why these food lies hurt us to our very core. Take a look at these big, fat liars:

1. The kanto burger

Who hasn't been victimized by your local burger? That feeling when you think your 20 pesos is enough to give you a little boost then you see this:

2. This ice cream

Pandas stopped being extinct in 2016, but this Panda is gone for good. Call us when you find the real thing.

3. This candy

Another example of Panda lies. Where is the truth??

4. This pizza box

Well, this is just cruel. Suntukan na lang, o!

5. This watermelon

Seedless? Words have meaning, guys. And this is NOT what seedless means.

6. This loaf of bread

Well, at least they weren't lying when they said it was a raisin bread. As in there's only a single raisin in there.

7. And of course, this pack of jumbo shrimps

Hipon na nga, sinungaling pa!

Source: elitereaders
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