Saturday, January 7, 2017

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WATCH: 12-Year-Old Girl Committed Suicide while Doing Live Stream on Facebook

This video has gone viral after a girl who committed suicide while broadcasting it live on facebook, the reason why; "I uploaded this to open people's eyes and ears to what happens as a result of Bullying. This young innocent little girl killed herself Cuz of all the Bullying and stress she has been through and no one should have this happen. We need to take a stand and rise above and and unite as one to stand up against "(anonymous)

The video was uploaded by a YouTube user in an effort to spread awareness and open the eyes of people about suicide, bullying, and other issues which sadly does happen in real life. Sympathies and prayers were offered for the young girl as she finally rests in peace.

Hopefully this sends a strong message to everyone that bullying and suicide is a real thing and people need to be aware of these kinds of things because it does happen in a rather cruel world.

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