Sunday, January 8, 2017

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Twins Share One Boyfriend! Both Plan to Get Married To Him As Well!

We all know that Sharing is Caring, and also the great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.

Twins Anna and Lucy DeClinique from Perth, Australia are planning on marrying their shared boyfriend who they met on Facebook five years ago. Both twins are in a relationship with Ben Byrne and they are planning on going to Tucson, Arizona, where they will proclaim their three-way vows.

As reported by DefinitelyFilipino, the constitution of Arizona does not allow polygamy but does not have any sanctions about it, so lots of people are going there to get married under 'spiritual' instead of legal unions.

The twins stated their intentions in a video they uploaded on Youtube, wherein they were quoted as saying, "We've been with him for five years so he's twinning and winning... we do want to marry the same man and his name is Ben."

The twins admitted that they are currently sleeping together while Ben was present, according to their interview on ITV's ‘This Morning’.

They said that they have the same moods and that Ben is fortunate to have them. They noted that he has to double his energy, love, and attention for them. According to the twins, they are not hurting anybody and their union, albeit unusual, makes them happy.

The three of them are together 24/7 and they claim that this makes it easier for the twins to share Ben amongst each other. They were asked about their plans for starting a family, to which the twins replied that they haven't tried making a baby yet.

Anna stated that if she got pregnant, Lucy should be pregnant too since both of them have the same physical attributes. They are open to the possibility of having a child but stated that now's not the right time.

They are quoted as saying "We would have to be exactly the same – even if we went through IVF at the same time."

The twins gained mainstream attention after being recognized as the "world's most identical twins" in a Japanese prank TV show, where facial recognition technology was unable to tell them apart.

When they were born, they were only separated by a gap of 1 minute and reports claimed they spent 130,000 pounds for cosmetic surgery to make their physical looks even more identical.

Among the augmentations they underwent to look virtually indistinguishable from one another were breast implants, lip fillers, fake eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Watch what the twins have to say about their three-way marriage plans below:

Source: YouTube
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