Monday, January 9, 2017

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This Girl Is Offering a Happy 'Budget Meal' That Guys Would Really Love! Find Out What It Is Here!

Promos are really effective in enticing people to buy a particular product. However, a girl named Kristina Jackson offered a promo that shocked many people!

Only a few weeks after the iPhone scandal, it seems Jackson also wants to have her own customers as well. Photos of conversations with her offering a "Promo/Happy budget meal rate" have been circulating in social media. Mind you, this 'budget meal' is not something you can buy in the carinderia.

Facebook user Human Side posted photos of Jackson's scheme.

Photos of Jackson's body and a list of her promo can found in the post. Yes, you read it right - she offers lovemaking services with different prices and promos. She has also listed the dos and don't's of her special promo.

The only thing is the boys can't avail the promo anymore as she indicated that promo was only from November 3 until December 20, 2016.

The post of Human Side already garnered 2,100 likes, 1,670 shares and 1,532 comments as of writing!

Source: Facebook
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