Saturday, January 7, 2017

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This American Woman's Iphone got stolen and she was shock when she track where it is!

Smartphone manufacturers have figured out how important tracking a lost device is and have taken it upon themselves to include features that are meant to aid in the retrieval of missing phones.

An American citizen made use of this application on her iOS device, and did she get the big surprise.

A Yahoo mail user by the name of Jennifer Rogers shared a bizarre story of how her backpack was stolen in an airport in San Francisco last December 21 as she was loading her luggage and taking her kids to her car. She said that she informed American Airlines and the San Francisco Police Department, but both parties suggested that she lose all hope of ever finding her lost backpack.

What she didn’t expect is to see the people who got her phone, which was inside the backpack. Rogers tried Apple’s Find My iPhone app and it showed that her phone was 7,200 miles away in Tanay, Rizal in the hands of a young boy who seemed happy with his new phone.

Upon calling the Tanay Police Department, she was asked if she or any relatives could come down to their precinct in Tanay so that they could assist in the retrieval of her phone. But she couldn’t make it all the way to the Philippines and she didn’t have any relatives there.

She then shared stories about how pictures started popping up in her iCloud feed showing a happy little boy taking pictures of himself with an old lady. Rogers then decided to use the Find My iPhone app to clean all data and lock the phone.

Rogers said that her only intention was to find out what happened to her backpack which had valuables and jewelry inside.

Source:  Yahoo
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