Sunday, January 1, 2017

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Other Countries Are Saying That Filipinos Are Lucky Because Of A Woman Named Carolina! Why? Read This NOW!

The Philippines, being the gateway of Asia since the early times, and having been colonized of different countries, is undeniably a melting pot of culture and stories. But, it stays true to its identity and original stories. Many provinces have their own myths and fictional character. We have the 'Aswang', 'Kapre', 'Tikbalang', and the infamous 'white lady'. But this myth in Biringan City, Samar has been recently becoming viral once again as a page called 'Spookify' shared this.

It was a popular story and has been around since 1983 and is popular even in other countries. It has also been featured in GMA's program Mel and Joey back in 2006. This story mainly revolves around a lost city and an Enchanted Lady called 'Carolina.'

According to rumors, a group of students were lost after claiming to have visited the invisible place back in 1983. A girl named Carolina, beautiful and intelligent have, claims to be living in the said city. Every semestral breaks, she invites her classmates to check the place. But her classmates never came back.

Until today, residents claim that there have been grous of people checking the said place but have never had the chance to return.

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