Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Netizens Are Furious Over These Two Guys Who Tortured a Poor Dog. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!

While MMFF entry "Oro" faced severe controversy after allegedly slaughtering a dog, another incident of animal torture angered many netizens across social media. The post was made by Abbygale Talulian in which she expressed her anger over the photos showing two men torturing a dog.

The photos were even hidden by Facebook due to its very graphic content. It shows how these two guys cut the dog's ear leaving the poor creature bloodied. The two guys showed no remorse over their deed and even posed for the picture smiling.

Many netizens were infuriated and pitied the dog. One netizen even called the attention of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and asked them to coordinate to whoever may be of help.

The location of the photos in question is still unknown until this time so Talulian asked the help of everyone to share the post. She hopes that her post would reach someone who can give justice to the poor dog.

Source: Facebook
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