Sunday, January 15, 2017

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Netizen Cries For Justice After Father Passes Away Because Doctor Refused To Help Them

The amount of influence that a doctor has on their patient is of great value. The power to save a life is something which they earned after years of dedication and hard work in medical school.

Failure to save a life can be frustrating to some, but this one doctor seemingly didn’t mind to witness the death of a patient who was battling for his life.

A certain Facebook user by the name of Joseph Custodio sought the help of netizens as he tries to find the doctor who refused to give aid to his father.

This incident happened in General Emilio Aguinaldo Hospital located in Trece Martires, Cavite, where Joseph brought his father to the emergency room who experienced chest pains and difficulty in breathing.

According to his narrative on Facebook, he approached Dr. Morada and asked if he can check his father. To his surprise, the doctor said "Hintayin mo tawagin pangalan mo." "Doc, I think he is having a heart attack", he replied.

Dr. Morada said "Ikaw ang kulit mo, kung nagmamadali ka e di ilipat mo o kaya iuwi mo.”

Despite being treated poorly, Joseph still attempted to convince the doctor to help them by humbling himself, knowing that the conceited and heartless Dr Morada was the only one who can help them.

After some time, he decided to go to the police to seek help. After coming back to the ward, he saw another doctor attending to his father.

A certain Dr. Cabrera helped them while Dr Morada was nowhere to be found. When asked about his whereabouts or even just the complete name of the doctor, nurses, and staff refused to give the information.

Joseph’s father passed away at the emergency room at that same hour.

Source: Facebook
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