Monday, January 2, 2017

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Funny Bathroom Video Prank Gone Wrong, Prankster Beaten Up By Her Prey!

There are many pranks out there that became viral online, for these pranksters, these videos that they make made them famous, but others gave them a broken bone. Just like this female prankster had experienced when filming her next prank.

The plot is that they will bring an adult toy to a public comfort room to make others feel uncomfortable. They will make noise similar on what we hear in an adult film. This female prankster started filming the whole scene when she encountered a woman who seemed to be out of the bars and couldn't take what they were doing as a 'joke'.

Here's the whole video of what happened in the public toilet.

Giving a prank to someone we don't know puts up a lot of risk especially when that person is having a bad day, just like what happened here in this video.

Source: ncatalyst
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