Sunday, January 15, 2017

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Father Installs CCTV Cameras At Home. What He Saw When He Watched The Footage Gave Him Goosebumps!

An unbelievably creepy video is now going viral on social media. It is a CCTV footage featuring a daughter's shows a daughter's doll moving on its own.

According to the Facebook page which posted the video, the father installed the CCTV cameras to be able to see his daughter from afar. However, he saw something which gave him the creeps.

Aside from the creepy moving doll seen in the first parts of the short clip, a more horrifying scene was captured by the camera.

In the second part of the video, the daughter who was drawing all alone in the living room suddenly ran away, apparently scared after the papers all around seemed to have been ruffled by an unseen entity.

After she left, other things also started moving, including the TV remote, the table and other things in the living area. It was like a scene straight from Paranormal Activity.

Watch the full video and see for yourself!

However, netizen argue whether or not the footage is real or fake, While some say that is a manifestation of the supernatural, others argued that other that no father would intentionally prank her daughter in such a traumatic manner, thereby arguing that the footage is indeed real.

Source: Facebook
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