Sunday, January 8, 2017

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Family Of Rape Victim Cries Justice Over Brutal Murder Of Daughter Suspect Asks For Forgiveness

After the body of the 2nd year college student Mitzi Joy Balunsay was found lifeless, molested and chopped up, the family of the victim is now pleading for justice.

Her dismembered parts were found Friday morning at Barangay De Ocampo, Trece Martinez in Cavite

Fortunately, suspect Alvin delos Angeles, who is a schoolmate of the victim, was arrested on January 7 at his apartment in Indang Cavite.

The suspect had already confessed to his crime and is now begging for forgiveness. However, the family and friends of the victim cry for justice over the brutal and tragic death.

Her father cannot even contain his emotions as he recalled how she texted them that she will be staying at a friend's house for the upcoming enrollment the next day and how it felt seeing her daughter inside a morgue after.

Source:  GMA
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