Monday, January 2, 2017

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Ellen Adarna Saw Dead Cockroach In Their Bathroom. What She Did With This Pest Will Surely Shock You!

Actress Ellen Adarna, a model who started as an internet celebrity is the lone daughter of her Filipina mother and Spanish father. She is the eldest child of the owner of Queensland, a chain motels in Cebu, Manila and Davao.

In this video, the sexy actress has taken the internet by storm. She posted a video of her on Facebook where Ellen saw a dead cockroach in their home and filmed herself picking up the pest and dangling it in the air as she show it to the people in their home.

This video goes to show that Ellen is not afraid to get the lifeless cockroach unlike others who'd probably screams when seeing this kind of pest.

Watch the video below...

Source: TNP
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