Sunday, January 15, 2017

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Disgusting! Chinese Restaurant Accused of Cooking and Serving Human Feet to Customers


The following article features graphic images. Reader discretion is advised. 

Restaurants exist because people want good food prepared by a professional. Certain standards have to be met before a restaurant can serve. This includes having a friendly staff, cleanliness, and of course, proper handling of food.

As a customer, you expect to be served what you ordered.

So imagine the shock of a customer at a Chinese restaurant in Italy when they discovered they may have consumed a human foot!

An unnamed waiter of the aforementioned restaurant took this grisly photo of what appears to be a pair of decomposing human feet in a blue bowl.

The waiter claims his photo shows a pair of 'bear claws' - a Chinese delicacy served at his workplace.

Upon seeing the graphic photo, a long-time customer immediately reported the restaurant to the authorities.

We don't blame them.

Health inspectors went to investigate the allegation and were stunned with the appalling conditions of the restaurant. They found 55lbs of meat and fish of frozen dubious origin - alongside packs of crab meat and frog legs well passed their expiry date. There was also 'layers of dirt and grease' all over the kitchen

It's not known if the investigation yielded results for 'bear claws' like the one in the picture. They have since consulted with a forensic pathologist to determine if the meat in the photo is genuinely human.

There have been no reports of the Chinese restaurant shutting down.

Source: Elitereaders
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