Thursday, January 5, 2017

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Dedicated Father Backpacking His Son in a Carrier While He Worked, Earns Praise From Netizens

This photo of a dad backpacking his son in a carrier were posted on facebook went viral immediately and the dad earned praise for making sure that he knows exactly where his son is even if it meant carrying him around!

It was easy to see from the photo that having the child on his back was no easy task for this dad, especially because he had to lift heavy sacks of what appears to be rice or some kind of farm produce. But he was willing to do it anyway just to make sure that his son won’t wander around and get lost or, worse, get forgotten in the truck or under it!

While there were those who commented that they weren’t happy with this dangerous situation the child is being exposed to, more took the dad’s side and believed that he does not have anyone to leave the child to and that he feels it would be safer to just carry the boy.

Sadly, there were no details posted as to how kindhearted netizens could extend help to this man, though a Google search pointed to a Vietnamese website where more photos of the father and son could be found.

No matter where this father and son might live, we all hope that they will have a better life soon. But we salute this dad for making sure his son is safe and within sight!

Source: washingtoni
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