Friday, January 20, 2017

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Chinese Wife Drags Her Husband’s Mistress out From Inside the Car – Cuts Her Hair off and Rips off Her Clothes!

Warning: The following video contains images not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

A video featuring an angry Chinese wife and her friends catching and attacking her husband’s alleged mistress has gone viral.

The video clip starts with two women grabbing the alleged mistress by the hair and dragging her out of a vehicle. The duo pulls her out into the street where a woman in overalls starts slapping her face repeatedly.

Then the woman in overalls proceeds to cut the defenseless woman’s hair while her companion rips away her clothing. The alleged mistress is visibly distraught and crying.

She is slapped around some more and presumably admonished for her alleged involvement with the husband.

Not a single bystander helped the humiliated woman.

Many netizens were angry that the wife did not confront the husband instead.

Aljheini Aquino wrote: “I wonder bakit kailangan mga babae ang sinusugod nila. Kadalasan naman mga lalaki ang nagsisimula. Bakit hindi po mga asawa nyo ang kastiguhin nyo??? Daming lalaki dyan na naglalandi.. kahit ayaw ng babae, gumagawa pa rin ng paraan

Watch the full details here!

Do you think what the wife did to her husband’s mistress was justified? Give us your opinion in the comments section!
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