Thursday, January 19, 2017

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BE WARNED! A Woman Lurking the Streets Is Hypnotizing Children! MUST READ!

Hypnotism is a very mysterious phenomenon that has baffled many people throughout the ages. It involves the person being in a trance-like state where they are not aware of anything except the suggestions or the orders of the hypnotizer, or the one who have hypnotized them.

Scientific evidence for the phenomena is sparse, but what will happen when you see a footage of it actually happening in real life? This is what Facebook user Isidro Mintar implied after he posted alarming videos of a certain woman who he claims hypnotize children.

According to Isidro, the woman grabbed his niece and the child followed. The child was brought to Guadalupe, where she was informed by the woman that the latter knows her mother and aunt.

Isidro said that the woman made his niece smell something, or probably hypnotized her, because she simply followed the stranger.

The woman got his niece's cellphone and ordered her to buy an envelope. After that, Isidro claimed that his niece seemingly regained her consciousness back and went home, unaware of what had happened.

His niece walked all the way from West Guadalupe to their house at West Rembo, Makati. Isidro and his family spotted her in front of Barangay West Rembo, where the child claimed she went back to retrieved her bag.

Here are footages of the said event:

What would you do if your child got hypnotized by this woman? Do you believe this really happens? Tell us your thoughts below!
Source: Facebook
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