Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Woman Jailed After Streaming Live Scandal To Attract More Followers!

A 21-year old woman in China will face four years of jail time after she was caught live streaming a video of her performing intimate acts with three other people, which she dubbed “Foursome in Chengdu.”

The suspect identified as Sherry Gun has been arrested by Chinese police officers for filming herself and three others while engaged in an intimate act with two men and another woman.

Investigations revealed that she did it to gain more followers for her live streaming business. Her two-minute video became the top searched item in different search engines in China.

The police officers revealed that Sherry Gun was just a screen name and she is referred to as “Lin” in real life. She was arrested after returning from a vacation in Dubai.

Her intimate partners Wand and Li were also arrested.

The Mianayang People’s Court sentenced her to have four years in prison.

Source: Kami
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