Monday, December 19, 2016

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Woman Behind Viral Photo With Pres. Duterte Speaks Out Against ABS-CBN's Report!

The female netizen behind the viral selfie with President Rodrigo Duterte in Singapore called out a misleading article published by ABS-CBN regarding their photo.

Roma Neriz, an OFW based in Singapore, explained the real scenario behind the photo, which she claims was misinterpreted by the network.

It happened a few hours after the President delivered his speech to the Filipino community when Duterte accepted Neriz's request to take a selfie together.

The photo inside ABS-CBN's article showed a view wherein the president seem to have opportunistically embraced the woman. Instantly, many haters and negative comments spread in the comments section and around social media.

Mocha Uson, a vocal supporter of Duterte, contacted Neriz to know what really happened in the photo. It turns out that the female netizen was being compressed by the crowd and the president only lended a hand to save her.

She pointed out how "biased" the article appeared to the public.

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