Thursday, December 15, 2016

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Video Footage of a Poor Taxi Driver Being Bullied By An Airport Police Officer Who Confiscated His License Without Issuing A Ticket Angers Netizens!

Netizens are furious at this airport police officer who had reportedly failed to give a taxi-driver a proper ticket. Not only that, but the police officer simply took the taxi-driver's licence.

The taxi-driver filmed himself asking the police officer, identified as 'Pineda', for his ticket. The driver made it clear in the video, that since it was officer Pineda who flagged him down, it should be the same officer to give him a ticket. The driver was in a hurry because he already have passengers in his car.

The police officer then accused the driver of faulting and threatening the officer.

The officer then did not provide a sufficient answer or reason for flagging down the driver. After the driver gave his license to Officer Pineda, the latter began walking off. Later, the driver showed on camera that there were no "No loading and Unloading" signs within the surroundings.

The driver then lingered at the scene, taking note of the area as well as getting his passenger's testimony.

Further into the video, the driver said that he was asked to go to officer Pineda's office for his ticket. He said he'd rather stay with his passengers, a young man with two senior citizens, and taxi cab.

The video was uploaded on the Pinoy Law Breakers Facebook page and has since gone viral.

Many netizens voiced their support to the cab driver while others were angry at Officer Pineda's conduct.

Watch the video here!

Back in 2014, a similar incident occurred when the same NAIA police officer smashed the driver-side window of another driver's taxi. Then, the visibly angry Pineda forcibly took the cab driver's license. The video was captured by the passengers of the taxi.

Source: Facebook
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