Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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This OFW Was Forced To Eat And Sleep In Employer's Bathroom! She Needs Help! Watch Here!

Last December 23, netizen Rachel Sarao posted 2 photos and 3 videos on her Facebook asking other Pinoys for help.

Her post features an OFW named Mhae Valencia Yecla who tearfully shared her hardships and experience. In the videos and photos, the OFW revealed that she has been sleeping and eating in her employer's bathroom. Moreover, the OFW only gets one meal per day, and the meal consists only of a few pieces of bread and cheese.

Because the audio in Yecla's video isn't clear, it is difficult to understand what she was really saying. Nonetheless, it is clear that the OFW is miserable and upset.

Rachel Sarao admits she doesn't know how to help her fellow OFW, so she made the posts to reach out to fellow Pinoys.

Source: Facebook
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