Sunday, December 11, 2016

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SHOCKING: Men Found This Massive Snake With a Huge Lump In Its Belly. You Won't Believe What They Found Inside! Watch This!

It is in the natural order of the things that predators eat their prey. The circle of life balances the ecosystem.

However, this massive snake definitely took more than his share of food!

A concerned citizen shared his experience with a huge snake that is probably one of the biggest ever caught on camera.

Akouck Joe Gank, a Facebook user from Indonesia, uploaded the struggle between grown men and a massive snake, who swallowed two whole goats for its lunch.

You Would Not Believe What This Huge Snake Swallowed!

The first part of the video shows the men poking around the snake’s huge bulge along the middle part of its body.

In the background, one can hear the sound of a goat, still screaming from inside the snake’s belly.

The video’s uploader said:
“kambing makan ular dua ekor...ech salah...ULAR MAKAN KAMBING DUA EKOR,” (goats eat snakes ... two ... one each TWO GOATS EATING SNAKE TAIL)

The grown men in the video wrestled with the huge snake, but were determined not to kill it – probably because they wanted to save the goats.

Netizens were initially doubtful of what was inside the snake, until they found out that really was two goats.

Watch the video here:

Source: Facebook
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