Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Pinoy thief in Manila snatches phone from girl in jeepney!

To the people who are still using phones on public utility vehicles, beware!

A dashcam footage caught a sneaky snatcher stealing a smartphone from a female jeepney passenger on the streets of Manila. In the video, the female passenger, using her phone while sitting near the entrance of the jeepney during a traffic jam, was caught in shock when the snatcher tried to get her phone through the open window.

He ran away as the girl screamed. According to the netizen who shared the video, the bystanders did not do anything throughout the whole situation.

“As I was driving with my dashboard camera on, I noticed a young guy lurking around in the streets... He found his next victim, a young vulnerable female boarding a jeepney… Bystanders were shocked and weren't able to help as if nothing happens,” the netizen narrated.

Netizens urged Filipino commuters to avoid using their phone  when riding jeepneys, buses, trains and pedicabs.

“Rule na yan sa Pinas, di ka pwede mag celfone sa PUV. Ang dami palaging umaaligid na naghahanap ng bibiktimahin,” a netizen explained.

Source: TNP
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